Myths About Cycling Solicitors Debunked!

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Cycling is a fun and healthy activity, but nowadays, people uses bicycle as a form of transportation and take it as sport too. Since these two-wheeled drives have been gracing the roads more than ever, having a cycling lawyer should have been a no brainer. There are a lot of myths that cycling lawyers don’t work. That said, we’re here to debunk those myths so that cyclist can see their cycling solicitors in a better light.Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 15.20.42

On the road cyclists are the ones most at risk. Every other vehicle has the potential to kill. Be it cars, motorbikes, lorries or even buses each and every one are much bigger than a meesely bicycle. They’re travelling at upwards of 30 miles per hour with inches of steel that a bike frame just cannot compete with.

Not only is everyone else on the road a lot bigger but they also have a disregard for cyclists. In fact some even believe that cyclists do not deserve a place on the road. They will cut you off, overtake you and run you down if they have the chance. So with that in mind does having someone like a cycling solicitor on your side make sense?

Cycling solicitors actually provide a service where they believe it is their duty to get you back on the road as safe and sound and get your compensation for the ordeal you’ve had to face. The myth that surrounds solicitors is that they will shadily pretend to represent you whilst taking in your money and you in fact get nothing out of it. But as we said it’s a myth, the truth is you’d be stupid to not hire one. So go to right now.

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