Why People Love Bubble Football

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Bubble football is a new way of recreation that’s sweeping across the globe. Though there are some variations, bubble football is still the most popular among recreations using bubble technology. Bubble football can either be indoor or outdoor. Depending on the participants, you can choose different sizes of bubble gear. Zorb Football are an excellent example of bubble football done right.image-3-150x150 The bubble is also known as zorb which is inflated before use. Here are some reasons people chose bubble football as a recreation:

  1. Fun – Unlike professional sports, recreation is to have fun with friends and family members. Just the sight of someone inside a bubble half way is ridiculous and would make a good laugh. Regular sports will only make athletic individuals to shine in a good way while the others would look terrible. However, in bubble football, everyone will look hilarious and they will just focus on enjoying the activities. It is a little hard to dodge or run in bubble football making the playing field balanced. Everyone will have their time of greatness and foolishness while enjoying themselves.
  2. Affordable – Securing several zorbs might be expensive to onlookers but in reality, they are affordable. Many zorb rental companies provide affordable rates for renting zorb. Just check your local zorb rental company or go online to look for a rate within your budget.
  3. Risk Free – Football, like any other professional sports, has risks. Injuries can be acquired while playing. However, playing bubble football eliminates the risk since players will not even come into contact with each other since the zorb will get in their way creating a protective wall to each participant.
  4. Durable – The equipment might look fragile but they are sturdy. Even with rigorous activities such as football and played outdoors, you can be assured that the zorb will not be damaged.
  5. Industry Certified – Zorb are not made by the rental companies. They are purchase from manufacturing companies that only distribute industry certified equipment for quality purposes. Everything are considered especially the performance and safety of the user.
  6. Portable – Zorbs are inflatable therefore they can be deflated before transport or moving. They occupy small spaces and are light to carry. You don’t have to worry if you rent several zorbs and have to move them around to your recreation venue.

With all these advantages, people are now using bubble football as part of events like birthdays and family reunions. And with a video camera to capture the whole activity, everybody will have a good laugh and those who haven’t try it yet would definitely be interested.


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